Surefire ways to kill your startup before it, well, starts

52 games over the course of six years
That’s how long it took before the creators of Angry Birds launched their successful game from the verge of bankruptcy in 2009.

Turned down 25 times
That’s how many tries it took Tim Ferriss to find someone willing to publish his best-seller The 4-Hour Workweek. (And even then, they admitted they didn’t think it was anything special.)

Four years of failure
That’s how long everyone’s favorite “overnight success” Slack spent in online gaming before pivoting to the communication tool we know today.

Success delivers extreme value. Success is deliberate. Success is sustainable. Success takes change and hard work — sometimes, years of it.
Success is not built overnight. Neither were some of today’s most successful startups.

I believe you have to be a little crazy to choose the startup path, but you don’t have to fall prey to these myths that falsely promise overnight success.

Myth: I need outside funding if my startup is going to be successful.
Truth: Actually, you don’t have to take on investors. Ever.

Who would you rather answer to: the needs of your loyal customers or the demands of your investors?

Bootstrapping, or making enough money to support your startup with no outside funding, gives you the most valuable thing a company could ever have — freedom.

When your startup is sustainable, you’re able to focus solely on doing what you love — making a product that improves your customers’ lives.

Your growth is based on their needs. You provide extreme value. You’re here for the long haul. That’s a commitment your fans will tell their friends about.

When you take an investment from someone, you’re beholden to pursuing their goals instead of your own.

You’re suddenly putting together pitch decks, managing a quickly-growing team, and employing slimy tactics achieve hockey-stick growth month after month.
Don’t lose sight of why you started your company in the first place.

Don’t get distracted from building a product that turns users into ambassadors.
Your freedom to build something of value is worth so much more than any monetary amount you might be offered.

Myth: Success is reserved for those who hustle the hardest.
Truth: Being excited about what you’re doing isn’t a bad thing. Being too burned out to enjoy life is.

Build a solution your fanbase loves instead of building a hamster wheel to trap yourself in 16 hours a day.

To have the energy to take care of your team and keep making better products for my users, you have to take care of yourself.

That means setting up a sustainable work schedule. That means taking time to enjoy my personal life outside of work. That means no hustle.

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