28May 2018

What makes a company brilliant? There’s no single answer, so we started with a question: “What in the past year made us say, ‘That’s brilliant!’?” To compile this, the 2018 edition of our 100 Brilliant Company list, we explored boundary-pushing entrepreneurship — from Kevin Hart challenging comedy’s pecking order to big risks, fresh employee perks […]

30Nov 2017

Working remotely is a much-loved perk of working in this industry. However, it’s no secret that working outside of the office for an extended period can be isolating, especially when you results driven. This uninterrupted time of focus is often the very reason it’s savored. Most would agree that the ability to decrease distractions is […]

22Jul 2017

To make a good decision, you need to have a sense of two things: how different choices change the likelihood of different outcomes and how desirable each of those outcomes is. In other words, as Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans, and Avi Goldfarb have written, decision making requires both prediction and judgment. But how do you […]

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